2010: The WISE program from sanofi-aventis US | HBA

2010: The WISE program from sanofi-aventis US

The WISE program from sanofi-aventis US won the HBA ACE Award in 2010. WISE -- Women Inspiring Sanofi-Aventis Excellence -- strengthens the “Advancement, Commitment and Engagement” of women inside the company. This internal women’s network with over 1000 members fosters the personal and professional leadership development of women working for the company. WISE - sponsored programs target a wide audience across different functions, locations, gender and levels within the company. sanofi-aventis US learned from HBA’s E.D.G.E. (Empowerment, Diversity, Growth, Excellence) Leadership study conducted in 2007 and directly linked them to the WISE Program: raising awareness about career advancement across the company; providing educational opportunities to develop skills; fostering mentoring and networking relationships; and leveraging internal and external resources for relevant skills building. Indeed, the success of the WISE program makes the business case for supporting leadership and diversity.