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HBA Central New Jersey

HBA Central New Jersey (HBA CNJ) was formed as one of three chapters from the former Metro chapter (now NY/NJ Region) in 2017. Our central New Jersey volunteers invest their time to serve over 400 members with high quality programming to support the HBA’s mission. We are passionate about engaging with our corporate partners and general membership across all areas of healthcare to advance the impact of women in their business environments. Our members represent all stages of career progression - you're sure to find a valued resource whether through programming or networking connections among our membership and program offerings.

Our diverse membership draws from all aspects of healthcare — from leading pharmaceutical, biotech, healthcare and managed care companies to publishers, advertising, medical education and communication agencies. The healthcare industry in central New Jersey is thriving. Many large global companies have their headquarters in central New Jersey which further enables connections across the country and around the world.

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HBA CNJ empowers members as they develop and hone their personal leadership agenda, knowledge and skills. We provide a variety of opportunities to learn and connect through in-person programs, webinars and networking events. We are committed to helping our members remain at the cutting edge of market trends and create a network of contacts that are instrumental in achieving career goals.

HBA CNJ has more than 12 events and a variety of webinars, dine-arounds, executive breakfasts tailored to developing women’s leadership skills. Search on the Events page for all our current and future offerings.

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