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HBA Boston Chapter

The Boston Chapter was founded in 2001 as the second chapter of the HBA. With currently over 650 members, the Boston Chapter is the largest organization in the greater Boston area solely dedicated to improving the careers of women in lifesciences. Additionally, the Boston Chapter has some of the highest member satisfaction and loyalty ratings in the global HBA organization. With over 150 active volunteers, the Boston Chapter offers an unmatched opportunity for immediate engagement in the lifesciences community.

HBA Boston is proud to offer numerous events and leadership development opportunities, an innovative group mentoring program and exceptional access to senior women leaders and inspiring role models in the healthcare industry. In our programs, we aim to deliver measurable value to members through a rich curriculum of programs focusing on diverse healthcare issues and sectors. Members and non-members will enjoy the following:

  • Timely programs covering varied aspects of the healthcare industry.
  • High quality, members-only, professional development offerings including the mentoring program and Leadership Success Series workshops
  • Numerous opportunities to network, develop and refine leadership skills, build relationships and work contacts, and enhance personal branding through leadership positions within HBA.

The mission of the HBA is to further the advancement of women in healthcare worldwide. We welcome you to join the Boston Chapter of the HBA today.

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