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HBAdvantage archive 2014 and earlier


WOTY commemorative issue

  • WOTY at 25 years
  • Profiles of the 2014 Women of the Year: Particia Maryland, Annalisa Jenkins and Shideh Sedgh Bina
  • Profiles of the past Women of the Year
  • 2014 STAR Ilyssa Levins
  • Profiles of past STARs
  • 2014 Honorable Mentor Brian Goff
  • 2014 Rising Stars
  • 2014 Luminaries


Summer STAR issue

  • Eve Dryer: 2013 HBA STAR
  • Personalized medicine today
  • Impact of patient advocacy
  • DIA-HBA Leadership Project
  • Advice from Karen Friedman

Industry Update issue:

  • Pharma: A tipping point for the industry
  • Biotech and specialty products: Challenges andopportunities in the age of biotechnology
  • Vendor perspective
  • Breaking into biotech
  • Medical device: Overcoming challenges for continued innovation
  • Payers and providers: A year of preparation
  • Academia and associations: Preparing tomorrow's healthcare professionals
  • Hot Jobs for 2013


  • Fall A look at the state of the glass ceiling in healthcare, insights on the importance of gratitude in your career, perspectives on the value of advanced degree or certificate and advice from the experts on how to get funding for your discoveries PDF icon
  • Summer STAR Nancy Larsen, Celebrating Woman of the Year 2012, An inside look at men in the HBA, Tips for keeping your career innovative PDF icon
  • Spring Mentoring Issue: Mentoring at the chapter level, What to look for in a mentor, Personal mentoring perspectives from Laurie Cooke, Diane Gage Lofgren, Charlotte Sibley PDF icon


  • Summer: STAR: Daria Blackwell, ROI of volunteering, Women on corporate boards: closing the disparity gap, Social media savvy PDF icon
  • Women in Science: Johanna Allston, Mary Dominiecki, Maria Maccecchini, Yvonne Patterson, Rebecca Urbanek PDF icon
  • Winter PDF icon





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