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2013 LEAD award winners

Leadership Excellence And Dedication award

Providing recognition to outstanding women in the industry is one way the HBA fulfills its vision to be the premier catalyst for the leadership development of women in healthcare worldwide and the mission to further the advancement and impact of women in healthcare worldwide.

The LEAD (Leadership Excellence And Dedication) award honors chapter volunteers who have:

  • Served as a volunteer for at least six months and made a significant contribution during the current calendar year
  • Demonstrated excellence via sustained contributions at a regional level
  • Positively impacted the chapter and its ongoing success
  • Exemplified leadership excellence overall
  • Demonstrated dedication to the HBA mission of furthering the advancement and impact of women in healthcare worldwide
  • Been a positive influence, and has made a positive impact upon others

Deserving volunteers are nominated by their respective chapter board members; the awardee is selected by a majority vote of the board. HBA offers hearty congratulations to all of the 2013 LEAD award winners:2013LEAD


Atlanta: Lynn Duran

Lynn has made a significant contribution to the Atlanta Chapter in 2013 through her leadership with the mentoring program. With much enthusiasm Lynn has developed and grown the program significantly (300% over 2012) and strengthening its program content creating a solid mentoring relationship program that has truly become a signature activity for the Atlanta Chapter. When there were more mentees than mentors, Lynn worked diligently to recruit new mentors to ensure the program was a success. She selflessly gives help to anyone when it is needed. Lynn is already working on plans for the 2014 mentoring program.


Boston: Lisa Lallos

Lisa took over as director at large for general programming area with the unexpected departure of the previous DAL. She built the team into an event development and execution machine, resulting in record numbers of attendees and profitability and exceeding expectations. She developed a unique approach to committee, nurturing and developing committee members. Lisa established event captains and event supporters, giving everyone a tangible role with impact allowing event captains to showcase their leadership skills, helping develop a strong succession planning model. Lisa is a strong team player, is very collaborative and will likely continue to be a strong leader in the chapter and organization for years to come.


Chicago: Lydia Rohn               

Lydia was instrumental in growing the Chicago chapter membership via the mentoring program. The program had more than doubled in size of the past 12 months, with a total of 127 participants. Working closely with Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Lydia was able to garner Takeda sponsorship as well as enroll around 70 Takeda participants (all new members). She put together many best practices for the program and ensued the program was profitable.


Europe: Gabriele Yvonne Matthias

Gabriele has exemplified effective leadership and dedication to HBA as a chapter leader. Through support and motivation of the leaders in her chapter, membership has grown, events are well attended and they receive greater positive feedback than ever before. She has initiated and supported contact with members and corporate partners, stimulating their interest in the provision of in-kind sponsorship as well as consideration for becoming corporate sponsors. She has contributed to so many aspects of her chapter and has provided a key link to HBA board and staff with a positive and can do attitude.


Florida: Lynda McDermott

Lynda was the founding president of the chapter.  Lynda has dedicated countless hours towards creating a strong network within the Florida chapter, that now includes over 200 members.  She also served as the 2013  chair of the HBA Leadership Institute held in Boston.


Greater Philadelphia: Ashley Tappan

Ashley led a triathlon team as part of the Fit to Lead pilot in the Greater Philadelphia chapter. She developed a training curriculum that spanned six months, while training for the triathlon herself. She found ways to integrate professional leadership and development in the physical training program, to truly highlight how Fit to Lead could benefit the chapter and the entire HBA. Ashley inspired and engaged the whole team with her energetic focus and truly went above and beyond to lead this unique and powerful initiative. Fit to Lead will now be a part of our chapter and will potentially serve as the inspiration for our imagery and messaging, bringing a fresh now look and feel to the our chapter and offering a new slate of opportunities for the women in the Greater Philadelphia area.


Indiana: Jackie Koumpouras

The HBA Indiana chapter board members recognize Jackie’s leadership efforts in increasing the chapters presence in key social media outlets. In addition, her strategic partnership with key partners-in-kind resulted in effective, efficient and timely delivery of the chapter’s marketing needs and timelines. Jackie demonstrates true dedication to the HBA Indiana chapter.


Metro: Heather Van Ness

Heather is in her second year as an HBA member and has played leadership roles on several HBA Metro chapter committees, including Careers in Transition, Connections Dine Around, volunteer engagement and the Women’s Healthcare Innovation and Leadership Showcase.


Mid Atlantic: Linda Brock, PhD

Linda has demonstrated excellent leadership within her role as director at large for Women In Science (WIS). She has mentored and built a solid team of volunteers and continues to pay it forward through scholarship outreach to young women students. Through her guidance, this affinity group has flourished and grown its presence within the chapter and beyond. The foundation she’s built will ensure it continues to grow under new leadership in 2014 as she moves on to new opportunities out of the Mid-Atlantic area.


Ohio: Courtney A. Granville

A member of HBA since 2010, Courtney took her engagement and leadership in HBA to new levels in 2013. She was awarded the Rising Star award for the chapter and was actively involved in program development and implementation of the chapter’s Mentoring program that launched this year and exceeded projections with participation in mentoring circles. Courtney took the lead role in developing the resource guide used by mentors to lead the circles. She has also been involved in the chapter’s affinity group Women in Science since its inception, helping to keep meeting notes, plan meeting content and speakers and to engage participants.


RTP: Nannette Stangle-Castor, PhD

Net has been instrumental in developing several key initiatives designed to empower women to achieve their professional and personal leadership goals. This past year, she spearheaded a robust social media initiative for the organization, providing training to HBA programming directors at the local and enterprise level. She helped both the organization and individual members to more effectively engage, develop an authentic voice, and connect with thought leaders in their area of expertise. Net also continued her work to encourage, inspire, and train volunteers to build their capabilities and become strong leaders within the organization. In 2014 Net will serve as president of the RTP chapter. This is her second year in a row winning this award.


San Francisco Bay Area: Catherine Foo         

Volunteers are the heart and soul of the HBA.  A dedicated volunteer herself, Catherine (Cat) Foo joined the board to run the volunteer committee.  After building her team, Cat enhanced our volunteer onboarding program, streamlined the way we assign and mentor our new volunteers and worked to enhance our recognition programs.  Her dedication, passion and commitment to ensuring that each volunteer felt appreciated and invested in has raised the bar for the chapter and made them stronger.  Thank you Cat, for all you have done!


Southern California: Rose Ryder

The Southern California chapter is pleased to announce Rose Ryder as the LEAD award recipient. Rose is completing her two year service on the chapter board as the Los Angeles regional director where she has successfully developed and grown the region to include one-third of the chapter’s membership and several significant corporate partners, Amgen, Baxter and Medtronic. Rose has positively impacted the chapter and its ongoing success and is a dedicated enthusiastic contributor. She embodies the radical hospitality of the HBA. The LA regional delivers high quality programs and events on a consistent basis under Rose’s tutelage and leadership. She has creates a success plan for the region to insure its sustainability. Rose will serve as 2014 chapter vice president.


St. Louis: Suzanne Pea

Suzanne Pea has contributed to the growth of the chapter in her role as treasurer. She has provided the chapter with great analysis and insight on the financials and helped them understand the impact of attendance on financial success.  Suzanne participated in the value proposition analysis for members and providers.  She provided financial insights that have helped us grow our attendance increase retention and increase profitability simultaneously. Suzanne always makes herself available and puts financial concepts into easy to understand terms. She went out of her way to assist by setting up individual financial training  for all new board members in Jan and holding one on one sessions during forecast and budget season.


Texas: Triska Alima Moosa

Although she has only been a Texan for a little over a year, Triska Moosa has quickly become one of HBA Texas’ most influential and committed team members. Despite moving her career with Sanofi half way across the country and her newlywed status, Triska has shown unrelenting passion, energy and vision in bringing HBA to Austin and spearheading our initial efforts in the region. We sincerely appreciate and acknowledge her efforts to the women in her community and HBA.