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Healthcare Businesswomen's Association announces 2013 leadership award winners

Providing recognition to outstanding women in the industry is one way the HBA fulfills its vision to empower more women as business and thought leaders in healthcare and the mission to further the advancement and impact of women in healthcare worldwide. The HBA congratulates theses amazing women who were honored during the 2013 Leadership Institute.

Providing recognition to outstanding women in the industry is one way the HBA fulfills its vision to empower more women as business and thought leaders in healthcare and the mission to further the advancement and impact of women in healthcare worldwide. The HBA congratulates theses amazing women who were honored during the 2013 Leadership Institute:

President's Award

The President's Award is given to an HBA leader who exemplified effective leadership and dedication to the mission of the HBA and had a measurable impact on the HBA global organization, chapter operations, members and/or corporate partners.2013 Presidents Award Winners

This year we have two recipients of this award:

Taren Grom
Taren's commitment to the business of the HBA is exemplary and she has brought discipline, strategy, as well as developed and institutionalized a strong process and plan for all HBA sponsorships across the organization. Her collaboration with the corporate engagement team and across the organization is a true model of equanimity under duress in this tough arena, and she has done so with a smile because of her belief in HBA and that truly, working together will get us everywhere. She is a leader who has the rare qualities of both the determination to find innovative ways to accomplish a variety of tasks while at the same time is a leader who has the rare trait of humility.

Gabriele Matthias
Gabriele has gone above and beyond in her task of leading the Europe chapter. Coupling a strategic mindset with very strong acumen for the practical and actionable, she was a very strong leader all of the chapter board members throughout 2013. Thanks to her support and personal involvement new partnerships with industry and associations have been realized; thanks to her incredible attention to recognizing HBA volunteers, the strength and enthusiasm of the 2013 board have been reinforced; thanks to her desire of operational improvement the quality, transparency and communication of the board has increased; and finally thanks to her unlimited kindness she has offered moral and professional support to all board functions. Her presidency in 2013 has changed the shape of the Europe chapter and definitely is a role model for the future presidents.

Innovation Award

This award recognizes a demonstration of commitment, passion and a drive for results that lead to the creation of a new process, product, service or level of recognition for HBA that has or will have a positive benefit to the association and/or its chapter operations.

2013WIS teamThe Innovation Award went to the Mid-Atlantic WIS team:

Linda Brock, Jennifer Jaskowiak, Karin Bok, Martha Sloboda, Jocelyn Ulrich, Bernadette Owen, Preeti Pinto, Stephanie Williams, Isharat Yusuf, Kerry Casey and LeAnna Carey.

The Women in Science (WIS) committee recognized the limited access that emerging women scientists have to leaders and leadership development opportunities. They wanted to bridge the divide by providing direct access to the HBA through an individual membership, professional networking and mentoring experiences for an up-and-comer female scientific professional. This scholarship program was developed to attract budding and aspiring healthcare professionals with a scientific background to the HBA from academia and government organizations in the Mid-Atlantic region. The committee, under Linda Brock's leadership and as approved by the board, defined the scholarship award.

This was a truly innovative program that seeks to expand HBA membership deeper into the scientific/government sectors by exposing scientific women to the HBA earlier in their career. The program itself raised visibility within these sectors. We saw interest coming in other areas, like scientific women working within pharma companies in our chapter respond to the outreach about this program. Mid-Atlantic WIS is one of the strongest WIS groups in the HBA.

Council of Chapter Presidents' Award

This award is intended to recognize an individual who has demonstrated consistent leadership that directly progressed the Council of Chapter Presidents' (CCP) agenda, fostered collaboration throughout the council, and brought best practices to fruition across chapters.

Kathy Relias, 2013 Chicago chapter president led her chapter to fulfill the mission of the HBA to create and support more women leaders in healthcare in the Chicago and upper Midwest region. Kathy’s enthusiasm has ignited the leadership team in Chicago. Her many contributions included leading the board to focus on priorities, reorganizing the board to meet key goals, her keen focus on excellence and recognition, as well as continuous communication to generate comfort amidst the many changes taking place. The multi-year vision Kathy led will continue into the future, with strong leaders in place for 2014 and Kathy’s ongoing commitment to the HBA as the CCP for 2014 and support role for the leadership conference. Kathy was selected over her peers to be the CCP chairwoman for 2014 because of her clear contributions as a member of the CCP in 2013.

Chapter Excellence Awards

This award is to acknowledge an entire chapter board that has excelled in an area of chapter operations that exceeded the HBA's membership and/or financial targets and the chapter's own expectations. This year two chapters were selected: Atlanta and Chicago

The HBA Atlanta chapter

Under the HBA Atlanta board and leadership of Brenda Varney in 2012, the chapter began to build a “halo” around two signature programs—programs that will not only endure over time, but serve as a catalyst for future growth. The Atlanta mentoring program continued to gain rave reviews from mentees and mentors alike. Each year, participants emerge from critical career junctures with new confidence, direction and skills. Likewise, the Leadership Award program took off with a growing number of nominations and widespread interest among local healthcare companies and organizations. Corporate Relations was able to secure a record number of sponsorship for programs and help sustain our financial footing.


Moving into 2013, Andrea Smith, chapter president, worked with the board to build on the success of 2012. The year was kicked-off with a record breaking mentoring program. Enrollment for the program was up 300% which is the largest increase to date. One of the most exciting accomplishments for the Atlanta Chapter was securing Kaiser Permanente of Georgia as a new Corporate Partner. Andrea Smith worked with the president of Kaiser and the VP of human resources to solidify their commitment to HBA. Working closely with the HBA corporate development staff, Andrea created a tailored sponsorship package based on the needs of the company.


The Women in Leadership award, in its third year, continues to recognize a local woman who exemplifies strong and innovative leadership in a direct or related role in Atlanta’s healthcare industry. The impact of these collective efforts has been dramatic. Atlanta is once again a vibrant chapter. Membership is growing, retention is up and they are well positioned financially.

2013ATLChapterCongratulations to the Atlanta chapter board:

Executive committee
President:  Andrea Smith
President-elect:  Sharon Baldwin
Vice-president:  Kimberly Ray
Secretary:  Jeanne Marie Leahy
Treasurer:  Ashley Mikles
Immediate past president: Brenda Varney

Directors at large
Chapter advisory board: Lynn Prothero
Corporate relations:  Shirley Wulf and Gabrielle Denning
Marketing:  Karen Kaplan
Market research:  Jennifer Truitt
Membership:  Anne Kirby and Debbie Vereb
Mentoring: Lynn Duran and Tiffanee Toms
Programs: Patti Austin, Tracey Resse
Volunteer engagement:  Martha Forlines

The HBA Chicago chapter

In 2012 HBA Chicago chapter boosted efforts to build connections between members, with their chapter, and with people that matter in the industry. Continuing into 2013 the HBA Chicago chapter has excelled in all areas. Their membership has increased over 60% over end of 2012 as well as seeing an increase in retention.

To meet the mission and vision of the HBA, the chapter provided great programs to drive attendance and membership. They bring quality programs that build knowledge and expose the attendee to new information, connections, or skills. They took a risk and lowered program cost for members and increased the nonmember cost all the while maintaining high profitability. 

There has been a strong focus on a strengthened board in 2013 and resulted in the EC excelling in supporting the directors and the directors have built teams under them to grow and sustain the Chicago presence. They are enjoying a second year of a state of the art advisory board, including executives from areas companies they currently serve or companies where we would like to expand.

Congratulations to the Chicago chapter board:2013Chicago

Executive Committee
President:  Kathy Relias
President-elect:  Natalie Benamou
Vice-president:  Lydia Rohn
Secretary: Pamela Landau
Treasurer:  Sarah Bader
Immediate past president: Laurie Wessels

Directors at large
C-Suite Ambassador: Jennifer Peters
Marketing/Membership: Bhavani Moodabagil
Executive Engagement: Sheri Staak
Market Research: Leslie Penles
Mentoring: Jenny Colombo
Programs: Nancy Reid and Sandi Durrenberger

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