Healthcare Businesswomen's Association announces 2014 leadership award winners | HBA

Healthcare Businesswomen's Association announces 2014 leadership award winners

Providing recognition to outstanding women in the industry is one way the HBA fulfills its vision to empower more women as business and thought leaders in healthcare and the mission to further the advancement and impact of women in healthcare worldwide. The HBA congratulates theses amazing women who were honored during the 2014 Leadership Institute:

President's award

The President's award is given to an HBA leader who exemplified effective leadership and dedication to the mission of the HBA and has had a measurable impact on the HBA global organization, chapter operations, members and/or Corporate Partners.

This year we have two recipients of this award:

Magdelene (Maggie) Pedersen
2014 HBA Europe, DAL corporate relations
2014 HBA board global committee chair, member care

Barbara Pritchard
2014 HBA Southern California
Mentor to the President

Innovation award

This award recognizes a an indivual who demonstrated commitment, passion and a drive for results, created a new process, product, service or recognition level, and brought a positive benefit to the HBA

The Innovation Award went to:

LeAnna Carey
2014 HBA board
Global committee chair - Digital elite

Council of Chapter Presidents' award

This award is intended to recognize an individual who has demonstrated consistent leadership that directly progressed the Council of Chapter Presidents' (CCP) agenda, fostered collaboration throughout the council, and brought best practices to fruition across chapters. This year, the award went to:

Lisa George
2014 HBA Ohio president

Transformational award

New award honoring a chapter president and her entire chapter board based on transformational change that will impact healthcare in their geography. The award goes to:

Gaia Piraccini

Gaia Piraccini and the 2014 HBA Europe chapter board

Chapter Excellence awards

This award is to acknowledge an entire chapter board that has excelled in an area of chapter operations that exceeded the HBA's membership and/or financial targets and the chapter's own expectations. This year two chapters were selected: Metro and San Francisco

Large-sized chapter: The HBA Metro chapter

Chapter president: Megan Montgomery

  • Kathleen Fitzpatrick
  • Debbie Larsen
  • Susan Ostrowski
  • Gerarda Collins
  • June Zeringue
  • Betsy Lane
  • Linda Pontell
  • Tiffany Sills
  • Alma Azua-Cassady
  • Krista McKerracher
  • Dyan Bryson
  • Dianne Yurek
  • Janie Rodriguez
  • Doris Diederiks
  • Jennifer Blanchard
  • Sarah Solis
  • Alexis Stroud
  • Sheryl Littmann
  • Silvia G. Codony
  • Beth Banks Cohn
  • Stephanie Fitch
  • Wendy Mantel
  • MaryAnne Rizk
  • Vicki Guida
  • Michele Pericci
  • Regina Shanklin
  • Monica Luchi
  • Margaret Helms
  • Tasha Sims
  • Denise Sena
  • Marva Siwiec
  • Mitra Corral
  • Mary Sylvester
  • Ceci Zak
  • Lauren Peck

Mid-sized chapter: The HBA San Francisco chapter

Chapter president: Rebecca Vermeulen

  • Marge Josephson
  • Gisela Paulsen
  • Kassidy Huynh
  • Alisa Wilson
  • Ann Lerner
  • Carol Wells
  • Stacie Coates
  • Tracy Maida
  • Shellie Williams
  • Maya Cassanova
  • Donna Lock
  • Mandy Brown
  • Karen Bertrand
  • Magali Arons
  • Cathy Nevolo
  • Tracy Hoffman
  • Nancy Pratt
  • Jennifer Bell
  • Quita Highsmith
  • Gabriela Schneider
  • Teresa Graham
  • Kimberly Farrell