Event recap: We Want More - HBA RTP's Response to Triangle Insights Group Commercialization Workshop | HBA

Event recap: We Want More - HBA RTP's Response to Triangle Insights Group Commercialization Workshop

How do you have fun discussing strategic decision making for drug commercialization?

Spend an evening with Triangle Insights Group, a strategy consulting firm providing strategic guidance on the most critical business issues to leaders in life sciences organizations, like the HBA RTP chapter did on 24 August.
Kate Kitsopoulos, principal from Triangle Insights Group, led the HBA RTP community in a thought-provoking and engaging exercise. First, she shared the latest trends in drug commercialization, then discussed a case study and identified key roles on a commercial launch team. Then, some of us accepted those roles, and Kate took the group as a whole through the task of making critical decisions common in the commercialization launch process.
How did we do this?
Several smaller groups of commercial launch teams were created to review the case and transition into a working session on four key areas of functional decision making:

  • Clinical and regulatory
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Pricing and market access

Through spirited discussions and role playing, the commercial launch teams looked at each option, discussed rationales for each, pitched business cases for why to choose one over the other until all 4 functions were completed.

What did we learn?
Kate then lead a discussion amongst the launch teams to review:

  • What decisions were made and why; and
  • How we collaborated as a team addressing cross-functional decisions.

This review across the teams revealed how differently each team went about making their decisions, and uncovered some rationales others did not consider.
As if that wasn't inspiring enough, Kate asked us to look at what we learned through a different lens. We reflected on questions about how our launch teams operated, and our roles within them. One specific question was, "What did you learn about yourself?" For example, how did we portray ourselves as leaders within these cross-functional teams? Many of us are still thinking about this last question and using it as a guidepost to continue raising the bar on the quality of our work on a daily basis.
The new perspectives gained from this event and the connections team members made during the workshop are what we take with us back to our day-to-day jobs, grow and elevate our work as women leaders in healthcare. 
Thank you to Triangle Insights for sponsoring and leading our event - Kate Kitsopoulos, Megan Thomas, Sarah Jims, Leah Townsend, Chris Apolito, and Barrett Rankin
Thank you to our volunteers who lent their expertise and energy to many fun, but critical roles on the event planning and onsite teams:
Kathy Roberson, Rhonda Sowards, Samantha Register, Lauren Remkus

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