Mastering EQ in Workplace Politics is Crucial to Career Success | HBA

Mastering EQ in Workplace Politics is Crucial to Career Success

HBA Montgomery Corridor Wine-ding down the 2018 HBA Montgomery Corridor Wednesday educational series, executive coach Monica Thakar began by talking about the psychology of workplace politics which is an interplay of human interactions (EQ) involving power and authority. 

She talked about the misconception around “networking” and “political savvy” which are sometimes thought of as dirty words. However, both attributes are crucial to career success. She highlighted the role of EQ by saying that while IQ is what gets one the job, EQ helps one move up the career ladder. 

The importance of EQ at workplace comes into play because humans have emotions and one who build strong relationship with others can effectively lead and achieve career goals. 

Throughout the talk Monica checked in with audience and made some of her points by giving real-life examples. The attendees stayed engaged with their comments and questions. 

Overall it was a great night of networking and learning important career soft skills over some delicious wine and snacks at Bethesda’s Serendipity Labs in late October 2018. Additionally, photographer Monique Rush took head shots for interested attendees.  


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