Inspiring Authentic Leadership Event | HBA

Inspiring Authentic Leadership Event

HBA Mainline Montco hosted a very inspiring event on Authentic Leadership that was sponsored by AmerisourceBergen on 29 Nov. There was a great turnout with folks from many different companies and areas in attendance.  

The evening started off with a networking session over refreshments. Jackie Franke (HBA deputy chair, Mid-Atlantic region) kicked off the event. Terry Whitaker (regional director, BlessingWhite) led the event with inspiring personal accounts of leadership skills to better connect with various people. Terry facilitated insightful breakout exercises amongst the participants which helped folks understand their personal styles and those of others that they might not know so well.

A few key takeaways from the session follow on how to build your own authentic leadership style.

There are four types of leadership styles:

  • Authoritative
  • Challenging
  • Supportive
  • Consultative

Authentic leaders have a high degree of self-awareness regarding their own strengths, limitations, values and emotions. They build legitimacy by developing honest relationships built on an ethical foundation with followers who value their input.

People don’t need to be led by perfect leaders - they want to be led by people they trust and perceive they trust. An effective way to build trust and connections with people is to use the mantra to ‘stay present’ in all interactions.

Leaders establish credibility with competence, confidence and consistency. While starting out in your career, one must build competence. Later in your career, confidence and consistency become more important.

Every leader must know and show their differentiators which are unique to each person based on their life experiences, strengths and weaknesses. Great leaders will additionally leverage their weaknesses to build trust – no one wants to follow perfect leaders, just leaders they trust.

It was a great event with many takeaways for folks on how to build their own authentic leadership style.