HBA and the Network of Women Co-host Event on Purpose, Positioning and Presence | HBA

HBA and the Network of Women Co-host Event on Purpose, Positioning and Presence

More than 50 women gathered in the offices of Medimmune on 23 January, to get tips on how to leverage purpose, positioning and presence to make a difference in their lives and careers. The Healthcare Businesswomen's Association (HBA) Montgomery Corridor chapter in partnership with the Network of Women of AstraZeneca and Medimmune hosted a panel discussion on the 3Ps: Purpose, Positioning and Presence. HBA Montgomery Corridor vice chair, Sidoney Atse, welcomed the attendees to the first HBA event of the year and introduced the moderator for the evening, Dr. Ann Taylor, vice president, Global Clinical Development at MedImmune. She kicked off the program with thoughts on the 3Ps noting that, “...we need them for our careers and at home.” She also expounded on the role the HBA has had on her career. ”Consider what it means for you to be part of an organization like the HBA...it’s about finding your own leadership... and think about finding an environment where you can practice leadership...” The panelists included a diverse collection of experts.  

Ginger Moran, creative coach and writer, spoke about purpose and one of its destroyers, imposter syndrome. Imposter syndrome is a habit of thinking that results in one's inability to feel like they deserve the achievements they earn. In small groups, Ginger led small group discussions about how to overcome imposter syndrome. She wanted her groups to understand that thoughts leave physiological imprints, so to overcome the effects of imposter syndrome, one needs to reprogram one’s brain. The easiest way to “create new grooves” in the brain is through journaling. She noted that journaling allows you to rationally work through your thoughts and get them out of your head.  

Lifestyle and wellness strategist, Cathy Richards connected positioning with self advocacy and assertiveness. Her small group discussed words and phrases that described its concerns with self advocacy. She offered several strategies for overcoming those concerns, including: mentorship, learning to read a room, doubling down on preparation, strategically positioning yourself in a meeting and identifying “friendlies” [allies] in a meeting.

Former tech executive, Gina Dolan, recounted times during her career when she felt isolated because she was the only woman in the spaces she often occupied. Presence, according to Gina, is unique to you and requires authenticity, an expression of confidence in your values and unique strengths and an understanding of how you are perceived by others. Her time tested strategies for using your presence for impact include volunteering (especially for organizations like the HBA), keeping an “at a girl” file and requesting praise in writing to share with your leaders.

Attendees represented the diversity of the Washington D.C. region and hailed from government, public health, pharma and biotech and health IT consulting and everything in between. After the formal program, the attendees enjoyed the delicious hors d'oeuvres, wine and desserts and networking.