What You Missed: Connect Café at Hologic in Marlborough, MA | HBA

What You Missed: Connect Café at Hologic in Marlborough, MA

Do you want to “get better at networking,” but are unsure how to go about it? Be sure to look into HBA’s Connect Café events, which provide an opportunity for HBA members to network in a very friendly, relaxed environment—the optimal way to network. 

A recent Connect Café event, sponsored by Hologic at their office in Marlborough, MA on 15 May featured a wonderful setup, including both structured and unstructured conversations with HBA colleagues. Curious to know how these are run? See below. Then, check out the link at the bottom for future events. We look forward to networking with you.

About Connect Café:

  • One-hour morning session started as an open networking session with coffee and snacks, followed by ‘structured’ networking, and then an open networking close out 
  • Structured segment had half the attendees seated on one side and half on the other
  • Eight minute, 1:1 conversations were focused on sharing backgrounds/roles and bringing forward a ‘challenge’ that you are working on and want to tap collective brain power
  • After the eight minutes, Hologic employees would move one down and next conversation would ensue
  • Final open networking session in the last six minutes to close out

One attendee commented that the session “was fun, efficient and a great way to start my day with energy and new ideas gained from talking with talented HBA members”.