Women, Health, Wealth and Wine | HBA

Women, Health, Wealth and Wine

HBA Cincinnati enjoyed a fun event, “Women, Health, Wealth and Wine” version 2.0, at a lovely local wine and cheese venue. As the title implies, this meeting helped empower and inform women around health and wealth, all mixed with some great wines and small bites. The meeting covered the competencies 12. Continuing to learn, grow and transform. The HBA member attendees certainly grew in these competencies after participating in the meeting.

Keri Rickenbaugh, COO from Ms. Medicine, educated us on all aspects of women's health. She opened our eyes to the true risks of breast cancer and reinforced the message that women have unique needs and that healthcare isn't a “one-size fits all”. Ms. Medicine is a national practice of women's health trained providers committed in raising the standard of care and unmet needs of women.

Paige Kock, CFP- quizzed us to understand opportunity for returns year after year and take ownership of our finances. The simple steps that can help you meet your life goals no matter what stage of your career. This session was well received by the attendees and solicited many questions. Paige made learning and managing your finances fun and understandable.

Barbara Rose, palliative care/hospice administrator, empowered us that there are tools and resources to help our love ones avoid the hospital merry go round (palliative care). She also shared great ways to start the conversation with loved ones (at all ages) regarding their wishes at end of life. Barbara relayed how she reset her own career to take on this new work where she has passion. Many of the meeting attendees were fascinated by Barbara's career pivot and walked away inspired. 

Following the presentations, the entire group enjoyed a productive time of networking and refreshments. Each speaker was thanked with a bottle of wine of their choice.