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A Message from the HBA Pacific Region's Regional Chair

Greetings Pacific HBA Region, 

At times so unprecedented and utterly life-altering, it’s difficult to find the right words or express thoughts that have not been said by so many already. Without a doubt, every single member of our community has been affected deeply by the recent shift in our environment. I know with all of us so entrenched in the healthcare landscape, we share a common understanding of the complexity and urgency of the situation.

It is important to me and the rest of your leadership group here in the HBA Pacific Region that you know that even with our restrictions on social gatherings and the orders to stay in our homes, we are still here and working together to continue to create and enable connections and bring you quality content that is pertinent to your professional and personal growth.

With regard to programming and events, I wanted to provide some updates from our COE president of programming, Allison Marshall:

  1. All chapters have already or are in the process of, canceling all in-person events through April. There is an ongoing conversation about how and if rescheduling in-person events is possible, as we consider future dates or turning events into virtual experiences. Please stay tuned as we start to post new event information through our regular channels (see links below).
  2. The region is starting to explore topics and speakers for content that can be provided to HBA members virtually, online. As many people are spending more time online, should you see content or ideas that you feel we can leverage, please contact Allison Marshall and Ana Barbosa to share your thoughts.
  3. The Mentoring Program’s formal kickoff is being scheduled for mid-April/early May. We are incredibly excited to start these virtual groups (for now) as we know it’s still important to focus on our professional growth and goals. Please stay tuned for more details.

Lastly, during this time of “sheltering in place,” it can be very isolating and lonely. Please know that the HBA community is here for you. Please reach out via the HBA Community if there are gaps or needs you feel we can fill, or to start conversations with your fellow members. You should also like and follow our social channels as sources of information and conversation. We are stronger together and committed to fostering our community, albeit in new and innovative ways.

Please see some helpful links below:

CDC Guidance
HBA Community
HBAs Pacific Region website
LinkedIn group
LinkedIn page

Warmest regards,




Christine Armstrong
HBA Pacific regional chair