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Sanofi and HBA Paris, a United Force for Change

HBA corporate partners play a vital role to further the advancement and impact of women in the business of healthcare. More than 150 healthcare organizations are partnering with the HBA globally. Sanofi, headquartered in Paris, has been quite active in the U.S. for many years and thanks to an ambitious strategy for gender equality, became a purple partner in 2018, the highest level of partnership for HBA Paris.

“Fostering gender equality at Sanofi throughout all levels of our organization will help us attract and retain the best talents of both genders, making us a stronger and more successful company. At Sanofi, Women represent 46 percent of the overall workforce. However, although we have many talented women, only 37 percent of them hold senior management positions. Sanofi has therefore taken the commitment to reach a 50/50 gender balance among its top leaders by 2025,” explains Sandra Silvestri, global medical head, general medicines and global gender balance lead, Sanofi.

The partnership with the HBA has contributed to the development of talents within the organization and offered numerous events and opportunities for networking. 150 Sanofi employees are currently members of HBA worldwide, through the corporate partnership and individually. “I find HBA membership really useful and was truly inspired by the leaders I met at the European Leadership Summit in Paris last year” says Juliette Magd, business partner in the group competitive intelligence department at Sanofi and member of HBA Paris for two years. In the U.S., Sanofi is part of HBA’s Gender Parity Collaborative, a unique consortium of healthcare and life sciences companies convinced by the business case to close the gender gap through bold action. Sanofi is also part of the global HBA ambassador program. “We’ve set three main objectives for 2020: Strengthening the connection between France and the Europe Gender Balance Networks, Sanofi HBA members and chapters, organize workshops and discussions around the topics “Be financially savvy to boost your career” and “Increase the number of men effectively active for gender balance” explains Kathleen Smith, gender balance project management officer at Sanofi.

Beyond this successful partnership, Sanofi has a comprehensive program to achieve gender balance: A long-term awareness campaign to make sure all employees understand the importance of the topic and secure their support. The company has constructed a more inclusive work-life environment for all, through global policy guidelines that support more flexible working and expands the definition of family leave. Sanofi is putting in place training programs to identify and mentor future female leaders at Sanofi  as well as the program “Elevate”, which ensures talented women have the leadership skills and exposure to match their potential to rise to the top.

“I will continue with my role as a business leader and Global Gender Balance Lead and challenge the status quo to help the progression of women within the organization because it is a business imperative” concludes Sandra Silvestri, global gender balance lead.


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