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The Netherlands is a hot spot for healthcare companies with approximately 3,000 life sciences companies and is a major hub for the pharmaceutical and medical technology industry. There is a huge untapped potential for women in the Dutch labour market to advance gender equality. As detailed by a McKinsey report of 2018, the Netherlands shows high or extremely high inequality on 9 of 15 gender equality indicators, of which 6 relate to the labour market. On the indicator “management positions”, the Netherlands scores the lowest amongst this group of countries. Full-time working women earn 14.1 percent less and receive a lower pension than men across OECD member countries. While 56 percent of graduates in academic or higher professional school are women, they remain underrepresented in leadership positions (6 percent). Recently the World Economic Forum published the Gender Gap Report 2020. While 101 of 153 countries had made significant progress, the Netherlands sank 11 places to position 38, as a result of lower female political representation. The presence of women on corporate boards is again limited: only 29.5 percent of board members are women. According to the McKinsey research, advancing parity in the labour market could lead to additional GDP of more than €100 bn. However, significant changes are required in the way in which work, care and education are organised. 

What is the HBA? 

The HBA is a membership-based community that advances, inspires and empowers women along their career trajectory – one connection at a time, locally and globally. 

The HBA is comprised of individuals and organisations from across the healthcare and life sciences industry committed to: 

  • achieving gender parity in leadership positions 
  • facilitating career and business connections 
  • providing effective practices that enable organisations to realize the full potential of their female talent 

Our mission is to achieve career advancement in leadership positions for women through gender parity, diversity and inclusion. The HBA accomplishes its mission through strong business networks, education, research, advocacy and recognition for individuals and companies. 

How to join HBA Amsterdam

No matter your line of work, no matter your corporate mission or professional goals, you can join a solidarity movement to accelerate progress towards gender equality as a member, volunteer, corporate partner, programme contributor and affinity group

  • As an HBA member, you can join our educational and networking gatherings, receive exclusive content and apply practical tools to your organisation and life. 
  • As an HBA volunteer, you can contribute to our mission-critical projects and start your own initiatives, meet and learn from fellow members and leaders, seek and receive advice and discuss pressing leadership issues. 
  • As an HBA corporate partner, you can lead the way by partnering with the HBA, gaining a competitive advantage, increasing your inclusion metrics and practices and building trusted relationships with other organisations. 
  • As an HBA programme contributor, you can lead the way by actively contributing to the programme of HBA events and mentorship programme, gaining high-profile visibility and pushing the boundaries of our perceptions, beliefs and possibilities. 

Why join HBA Amsterdam?

You will benefit from gaining leadership experience to advance your career and shaping a new generation of strategies to revolutionise the future of work. You will be rewarded by bolstering the society forward and having a positive impact in the world through a global and local community of 50.000 professionals, 11.000 individual members across 1.000 companies and 150 corporate partners in life sciences and healthcare.

We, at the HBA, are committed to helping leaders reach their full potential and organisations make business more diverse, equitable, inclusive, connected and purposeful. We can achieve this by igniting one connection, achievement, behaviour, capability at a time and doing more than one individual or organisation could on its own.

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