HBA Dublin was Honoured to be Featured in the Chapter Spotlight for July | HBA

HBA Dublin was Honoured to be Featured in the Chapter Spotlight for July

The Chapter Spotlight is a brilliant monthly initiative by the HBA Europe Region to showcase the news and events from one of the HBA chapters in Europe. Being one of the newly inaugurated chapters in Europe, HBA Dublin was very excited to be part of this adventure. It gave us an opportunity to introduce ourselves to the HBA community and share a month of events with our members and friends.

In July, HBA Dublin showcased the volunteers and members of the HBA Dublin chapter board, infographics of our member base, as well as articles and testimonials where members could voice their HBA experience. We organised a variety of events from an interview on a united workforce to coffee mornings with other HBA chapters and even a book club event to encompass the spirit of HBA Dublin. Given these unprecedented times, our virtual events have been a pivotal way to connect with our members, giving them an opportunity to continue learning with the HBA and take a break to simply chat.

The Chapter Spotlight experience has given HBA Dublin the opportunity to thrive. In July, HBA Dublin got to network and strengthen its relationship with the HBA Europe Region as well as the HBA and really see how the association supports its chapters and affiliates to grow and flourish.

As July comes to an end, it is time to say goodbye. We are humbled by the overwhelming support and dedication from the HBA team towards each chapter. HBA Dublin made some new friends from the HBA Europe Region and the HBA during this journey and we hope to impart this enriching experience with our members. We thank you all for sharing the month of July with us. Stay tuned for more Chapter Spotlight adventures from HBA chapters across Europe.

Slán agat.

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