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Share Your COVID-19 Lockdown Experience

The COVID-19 lockdown has changed our lives in many ways. When we think of how we work, socialize and network, we have now acclimatized to a 'new normal'. For many employees, their routine office-based work shifted to a work from home set up which may bring its own advantages or challenges. While we have struggled to adapt our work and private lives during this lockdown, it is also important to think about how this has impacted us.

HBA Dublin is proud to facilitate the
COVID-19 Lockdown Survey

Please complete this anonymous survey to help the HBA understand the effect of the COVID-19 lockdown. We want to hear about how your work situation changed, the support you received, or wished to receive, from companies and how your work life will change post-lockdown. This anonymous survey is open to all members and non-members of the HBA. If you wish to hear more about HBA activities, please feel free to leave your contact details.

Thank you in advance.

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