Meet HBA Dallas - Fort Worth Director of Operations Juliet Pettijohn | HBA

Meet HBA Dallas - Fort Worth Director of Operations Juliet Pettijohn

Juliet, what is your current role professionally and with HBA?
I currently work at Pfizer as a pharmacy account specialist with the vaccines business unit. I also volunteer, through Pfizer, as the HBA engagement lead, U.S. and serve as the director of operations for HBA Dallas - Fort Worth.

How did you begin your career in healthcare? 
I began my career in healthcare as a sales intern for Pfizer in Orange County, CA, while studying at Florida A&M University.

What are you passionate about? 
I am passionate about intentional inclusion.

Why join the HBA?   
The HBA provides a platform for career/skills development and networking that only compliments or enhances what your current organization or self-guided efforts render.

A note from the chapter:
We want to thank Juliet for her service to the chapter as the director of operations. Her goal is for HBA Dallas - Fort Worth to be seen as a leader in the region for membership, retention and execution of best-in-class programming. Juliet is committed to seeing that each member of the chapter receive recognition for their volunteer efforts and feel included in the HBA Dallas - Fort Worth family. She believes the skills learned through this organization are invaluable and the networking opportunities that the HBA supports can provide our members with the chance to find the perfect organization and dream role. We are extremely thankful for Juliet’s leadership and for her role in HBA Dallas - Fort Worth.