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Hello from HBA Brussels: Chapter Spotlight for October

Welcome, from president Sandra Van London on behalf of a young, but motivated chapter.

As chapter president, I want to connect both men and women. The biggest obstacles in our lives are the barriers our minds create. So, with HBA Brussels, we really want to create a safe and open environment where men and women can try activities outside of their comfort zone to grow and learn. Together we can make change happen. This is why I was passionate about starting HBA Brussels. In November we are celebrating our one-year anniversary as a chapter and our two-year anniversary as a team that is committed to drive change forward.

Belgium is a good student but there is room for improvement. With 71.1 out of 100 points, Belgium ranks eighth in the European Union on the Gender Equality Index. Its score is 3.7 points higher than the EU's score. From 2005 to 2017, Belgium's score increased by 5.1 points (+ 0.6 points since 2015). We believe that together we can bridge the gap. (source: European Institute for Gender Equality, 7 Oct. 2019)

Two Events to Celebrate Chapter Spotlight

We will be kicking-off the Chapter Spotlight month of October with an online event on “Crisis-Proofing Your Career in Unstable Times – How to Use the Tools at Hand to Your Advantage?”. We look forward to this interesting keynote speech hosted by Sandra Bichl, CareerAngels.

On 21 October, HBA Brussels will host the 90-minute online course “Boosting Your Energy, Happiness and Success by Using Your Authentic Strengths”. Stefanie Zechner and Christian Ferragamo will first set the scene and then attendees will apply the learnings from the course in small break-out rooms. A very interactive session to look forward to.

We hope to welcome many HBA members to these virtual events and meet at various occasions throughout October with our Chapter Spotlight activities.

Remember: together we make change happen.