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HBA Dallas-Fort Worth Presents: Develop a Strength-Based Mindset and Make Bold Moves

During the month of October, HBA Dallas-Fort Worth had the pleasure of hosting a series of three webinars to highlight the chapter’s year-long initiative to make bold moves. Gallup certified strengths coach, Heather Johnson, led the hour-long educational sessions for HBA members across the globe on how to leverage their strengths for success in 2020.  

Heather Johnson

The webinars were opened by HBA DFW president, Jennifer Whipkey, where she gave an overview of the mission and vision of the HBA and highlighted the HBA Mentor Circles to entice those on the call to join or ask for more information. The Q&As and chats were monitored by HBA DFW programming director-at-large, Brandy Walton and the webinars were moderated by vice president, Kristi Dover and Courtney Nall, director-at-large for the marketing and communications committee. HBA members and non-members had the ability to interact with Heather and the larger group, share their top five strengths and gain tactics to use their strengths in their daily lives or for the leadership of their teams.

This event reached 50 attendees over the three sessions. The attendees were introduced to the Clifton Strengths philosophy to discover what they naturally do best, learn how to develop their greatest talents into strengths and use their top five strengths to maximize their potential. The third webinar focused on maximizing strengths for their teams. Breakout rooms and real-time polling was used to gauge the audience’s understanding of the importance of their top five strengths, where themes supported their growth, or sometimes where they got in the way. This interactive experience allowed attendees to learn the concepts that Heather presented and gain an understanding of where to professionally grow using their natural talents.

In addition to serving as a Clifton Certified Strengths coach, Heather leads a team as a regional director for Aerie Pharmaceuticals where she mentors women to leverage their strengths for success.

Thank you to Jennifer, Brandy, Kristi and Courtney for volunteering to make this event a success. Additionally, we would like to thank Heather Johnson for leading us during an informative and interactive webinar to use our strengths to make bold moves in 2020. We greatly appreciate the impact that you had on our professional development and hope to see you again. To stay informed of HBA Dallas-Fort Worth events and news, check-out the HBA Dallas-Fort Worth page and follow us on LinkedIn, #HBADFW and #HBAImpact or follow the HBA Southwest Region page.