Getting to Know the Team Behind HBA Zurich – Zug | HBA

Getting to Know the Team Behind HBA Zurich – Zug

Getting to Know Maria Guerrero

What made you join the HBA and contribute to HBA Zurich - Zug?
I have known the HBA for a while now and in my opinion, the HBA stands for two things that I am very passionate about: healthcare and gender parity. I have attended several events organized by HBA Zurich - Zug and I was impressed by the broad and interesting topics (eg: Women in STEM, digital health, AI and gender bias) and the level of the speakers. There are also sessions where you can get practical advice for your personal development. And last but not least the mentoring programs which I plan to participate in the next edition. I thought it was my time to contribute and bring my experience and skills. 

What is your current role and position?
I am working as an EMEA product manager for oncology in Janssen (Johnson&Johnson). Oncology is an area where I have worked before which I find very interesting because of the rapidly advancing science and the unmet medical need, so I am very happy to be back. 

What are your areas of expertise in three words? 
Marketing and omnichannel, launching preparation and strategy 

Tell us about your superpower:
I am an activator and enjoy jumping into new projects to make them happen by understanding the insights, prioritizing the most impactful actions and most importantly -  bringing people along the way. 

What would you tell your younger self? 
Relax, it’s going to be fine 

In your opinion, who is the symbol of gender parity? And why?
Many supportive women with whom I had worked in the past and now. They helped me while progressing along in my career. They have courage, are great professionals and lift both women and men up.
What are some of the great milestones of gender parity? 
There is a higher representation of women in leadership positions than years back, which is very positive. However, I think more needs to be done and men and women need to keep working on showcasing the value of having more diverse teams. We also need to keep working in closing the salary gap between men and women and making sure that there are equal opportunities for both genders. It’s a matter of fairness. 

What will be your role and what do you hope to achieve volunteering for the HBA?
I am a member of the communication team. Eventually, I want people living in Zurich/Zug and working in the healthcare industry to see the value of being a member of the HBA. There are several benefits in terms of sessions with good speakers and topics, training and the opportunity to network. It’s a great community to be part of. The other thing I would like to achieve is to create a stronger sense of community and for people to leverage even more of this network to share, learn, find new opportunities, etc. 

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