Knowing Your Normal  | HBA

Knowing Your Normal 

While there is not an HBA chapter north of the Netherlands in the Nordic countries, there are some HBA members based in the Nordics who are driving the HBA message in their organizations. One of them is Tisha Boatman, managing director of Siemens Healthineers in the Nordics. Tisha first learned about the HBA two years ago at an event she spoke at in Belgium. A discussion with an HBA board member there led her to lead the implementation of the HBA in Siemens Healthineers starting with a Gold corporate sponsorship in the spring of 2019. 

Tisha remains active in the global Healthineers leadership team for their HBA sponsorship and is currently trying to recruit some Healthineers based in the Netherlands to our new chapter. But she is also fighting breast cancer having been diagnosed less than six months ago.  

Watch her story in the video below and remember to #getchecked.