We Are Grateful For 2020 | HBA

We Are Grateful For 2020

As we move into the year laden with learnings and even greater optimism, we want to recognize some of the key things that helped us to achieve this positivity.

Perhaps our first event in January prepared us subconsciously as it was aptly titled “Own your Career Trajectory – Unforeseen Events may be Professional Building Blocks”. Since then, the chapter has conducted five well-attended online educational events and nine member-only events.

Some of these were serialised so that participants benefit from thematic continuities, in particular, for professional coaching as well as hefty subjects such as gender bias and artificial intelligence. As each episode rolled-out, familiar faces also appeared, creating a greater sense of fellowship and community.

Collaborating with other regions made us all feel connected to the world from our respective home-offices. Whether if it was with HBA Basel, HBA Suisse Romande, HBA Vienna, HBA Amsterdam, or events drew participants from the west coast of the U.S. to Paris and from London to Singapore.

Without a doubt, our sponsors and speakers have been crucial in shaping this. Their expertise, willingness and generosity resulted in mind-opening, head-nodding and smile-inducing moments that each of us remember long after each event.

Above all, we are most grateful to our members. The belief in us has been overwhelming. We saw a 30 percent rise in membership since January and our volunteer numbers have increased two-fold. We wish that we were able to thank each and everyone in person.

Have a very successful end to your year and please stay in touch through our social media channels. We look forward to seeing you more in a safer, brighter and even more optimistic 2021.