Meet Neda Razavi | HBA

Meet Neda Razavi

Neda Razavi
HBA chapter: San Francisco 
Current role with the HBA: HBA Pacific Region, president, membership experience 

Congratulations on your new role as the president of the HBA Pacific Region, membership experience. What made you want to take on leadership duties within the HBA?
I'm honored to be selected as the HBA Pacific Region president, membership experience. I'm so fortunate to work with dedicated professionals volunteering their expertise to create programs that advance the leadership of women and men in healthcare worldwide. I value coming together and empowering females in healthcare. I was looking for opportunities to give back to my community, gain a professional advantage, develop my leadership skills, while building a strong network of women and men from my industry group. My experience in HBA San Francisco enabled me to learn the organization, understand the member experience and initiate programs to improve the members’ engagement and retention. Inspired by many stories of overcoming challenges and driving change, I’m looking to expand my impact and improve the member experience at a strategic and regional level. 

You have transformed the membership program in the San Francisco Bay area and the Pacific area. Tell us more about it? 
That is a big compliment, thank you. HBA San Francisco is one of the largest chapters of the HBA with over 630 members and a large geographic reach. We cover the entire Bay Area from East Bay to the city all the way to San Jose. My goal was to create a membership experience that not only engages and retains our members, but also attracts new members. Focused on improving membership journeys, I built a team of talented volunteers to identify and implement programs and activities that our members valued. My team was dedicated to being the “united force for change” while executing excellence in everything we did. We analyzed our membership profiles, brainstormed better ways to serve our members and showcased the culture of radical hospitality. We built processes around our most popular programs to provide consistency and a predictable experience. We delivered 29 radical hospitality events, multiple recruitment and engagement events and recognized our chapter volunteers on a monthly basis. I sought members’ feedback and ensured the HBA San Francisco board was up to date on our membership and their profiles. Despite COVID, in 2020 we continued building contagious excitement with our members. This came from enriched value and providing a community to network, learn and grow. 

What personal experience attracted you to the HBA?
I have been engaged with the HBA since 2008. I have been impressed with the community, resources and connections to great women leaders. After relocating to the Bay Area five years ago, my HBA volunteering allowed me to not only give back but also build a strong professional network. The HBA leadership experience strengthens my consensus-building, negotiating and management skills by serving on committees and working together on programs, initiatives and events. I built lasting relationships with influential professional healthcare businesswomen.

What advice would you give to women who aspire to leadership positions, both in an organization like the HBA and in a career path like yours? 
Consider doing something new and challenging yourself by taking on leadership opportunities with organizations such as HBA.  As you plan to develop your career, give yourself time to build/amplify your voice on topics you value.  As a mom of three little children, I understand the difficulties of balancing work, life, children and volunteering. I focus on resilience, navigating through challenges and leaving a legacy behind. Lastly, as you go up “send the elevator down to bring more ALL women up”. 

Which leaders in healthcare, STEM and beyond do you look to as role models? 
I have many role models in business, science, life, relationships and more. I’m inspired by women who contributed to science by their amazing discoveries.

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