Meet Shaheen Kaplan   | HBA

Meet Shaheen Kaplan  

Dr. Shaheen Khan Kaplan 
global vice president, Medical Affairs
HBA chapter: Seattle
Current role with the HBA: retiring director at large, marketing and communications and HBA Seattle Board Member

What made you want to take on leadership duties within the HBA?
I have been a member of HBA since 2008 and have volunteered in various roles over the years. Having a position on the Board in Seattle gave me the opportunity to support the build of a ‘new chapter’ as well as work with wonderful and accomplished leaders in HBA. It was also a great opportunity to contribute to the chapter with some of my learnings and experience, as well as learn from others.

You hit the ground running by assuming HBA leadership duties instantly after relocating from Orange County to Seattle. How did you pull that off?
Being a part of HBA Seattle when I first moved there gave me an instant ‘community’ of like-minded professionals. It was a great opportunity to be a part of something very special as well as network with others, meet new friends and build lasting relationships. 

What personal experience attracted you to the HBA?
I first joined HBA as a member and learned about the many offerings including networking opportunities, career development and stellar presentations by various experts. I volunteered as a Mentor and really enjoyed supporting others in their careers, but surprisingly I learned a tremendous amount in the process.  

What advice would you give to women who aspire to leadership positions, both in an organization like the HBA and in a career path like yours? 
I would suggest that you seek out mentors and sponsors in your organization and in HBA who can provide a sounding board, help to open doors, as well as guide and support your journey in leadership. I would also suggest that you continue to hone your leadership skills by taking on opportunities that allow you to grow. 

Which women leaders in healthcare, STEM and beyond do you look to as role models? 
I consider women who are trailblazers in STEM and leadership my role models.