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Event Recap: Reclaim Your Balance and Your Future: Designing your Vision

Author: Mercedes Tarlati

On Tuesday, 4 May 2021, HBA Central New Jersey (CNJ) held the event “Reclaim Your Balance and Your Future: Designing your Vision”. Here is the summary of the event:

Lisa Yates, HBA CNJ Director of Programming, opened the event and projected the vision board introductory video. In this video Leslie Pott, VP Communications at Sandoz, introduced the vision board, and invited the audience to create their personal vision and visualize what everyone wants to achieve in the different areas of their lives as near-term goals, and the steps to take to get there. Leslie encouraged the audience to maintain the vision board as a living and breathing document. Nine colleagues from Sandoz and the HBA shared how they implement their vision in each of the areas of the board.

The moderator Allison Schneider then engaged the four panelists, asking them to share their personal experiences using a vision board with the audience. For some panelists the vision board was a new experience, others had used this tool for a few years and revisited it periodically. The panelists recommended printing out your vision board and ensure it is visible so that you see it every day.

Other strategies the panelists shared to stay accountable to your vision were as follows:

  • Engage your partner
  • Share with your family members
  • Create a safe circle of trust to share your vision

Being able to articulate your vision, and share it with others, allows you to inspire others while also reinforcing stronger ownership and adherence to your own goals. These trusted partners and circles can serve as your accountability partners, encourage you to stay engaged, support you during difficult times, and remind you of the clarity you experienced when you designed your vision.

 The Panelists: 

  • Allison Schneider, Moderator and Director, Sandoz Inc.
  • Mercedes Tarlati, Associate Director, Merck & Co
  • Suzanne Lemieux, Vice President, Sandoz Inc.
  • Teletha Brown, Associate Director, Sandoz Inc. 
  • Cicek Tilley, Director, Strongbridge Biopharma

Next, the audience was moved to breakout sessions to have an intimate conversation in small groups to share their insights from their own vision board template (which was shared with the attendees prior to the event).

As some of the vision board areas take a lot of energy, such as work and education, and we dedicate so many hours to them, we need to look for energy sources to recharge. We identified the daily practice of gratitude as instrumental to providing energy. Several group members already have a gratitude practice and are writing in a gratitude journal.

But how do you approach the board areas that need improvement? And how can you stay motivated to work on those areas? It was recommended to rate each area on a scale of one through nine, depending on how satisfied you are with each one. When you visualize the score, you feel compelled to put some effort into those areas that are not doing so well in your life as you look forward to living a whole, fulfilled, happy life.  

This group acted as a safe trust circle indeed, and the conversation was highly inspiring.

Did you create your vision board? Now is the time to create your strategy to remain engaged so that you can reach your goals and dreams. You are not alone in the vision board journey.