Welcome to HBA Phoenix | HBA

Welcome to HBA Phoenix

Hi HBA Phoenix friends,

It is with great pleasure to be of service with amazing women in our community that share our core purpose of furthering the advancement and impact of women in the business of healthcare. 

This past year has certainly been one to remember. With COVID-19 amidst us, we have all faced unprecedented challenges in our personal and professional lives that have required us to adjust how we live, how we do business, and so forth. I am glad to have been in a community with women who helped me tap into different resources and inspire resilience.  

One of the biggest changes we have faced as a team is the inability to meet in person. The HBA Phoenix team has taken pride in hosting great events over the past couple of years leading to invaluable connections in person. As you can imagine, virtually connecting was been quite an adjustment. However, I am impressed at how quickly we have adapted and still in awe at the opportunities that have come with this new way of networking. The HBA team across the globe quickly adjusted to all virtual events, creating access to connections globally and a plethora of events.  

I know what you are thinking, Zoom fatigue. I get it, how many of us are in meetings from the time we log in to when we are wrapping up our workday? (raised hand here). While there is availability for several events, each chapter has significantly reduced the number of events that are hosted individually. This allows us to focus on curating quality events. Here is what you can expect from HBA Phoenix virtually, at least one educational event per quarter and just a few networking events sprinkled in. Our hope is that we really connect with more of our membership while being mindful of the time spent on screen. This affords you the opportunity to really take advantage of your membership in exploring other chapter events to connect with individuals that you may not have otherwise met. I encourage every one of us to take advantage of these opportunities.

As you are aware, HBA events are made possible by teams of volunteers who come together, share the vision of achieving gender parity in leadership positions across our industries. I am so grateful for the leaders that have volunteered to come on this journey with me and be of service to you all.

Our amazing HBA Phoenix board members - I would like to take a moment to mention them here:

  • Carol Ricciotti, former HBA Phoenix President who now serves as our HBA Southwest Region President of Membership Experience
  • Jean Cherry, Vice President 
  • Ariella LaBelle, Director of Operations
  • Christina Stevens, Director at Large, Programming
  • Anne Neal, Director at Large, Marketing
  • Archana Subhash, Director at Large, Membership
  • Leah Morelewski, Programming Committee Lead

I am so thankful that I get this team of incredible leaders working alongside me to bring you the best possible HBA Phoenix experience. If you are interested in joining this team or volunteering from time to time, feel free to contact me or any of the board members at any time. Be sure to connect with us on LinkedIn as we share upcoming events and sign up to be on our HBA Phoenix mailing list.

With Gratitude,
Juliet Kasaya
HBA Phoenix President

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