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HBA Indianapolis Member Spotlight: Semina Penić

Meet Semina Penić – one of HBA Indianapolis' June Member Spotlights, and a current volunteer on the HBA Indianapolis Programming Committee. 

Semina graduated from IUPUI in 2019 with a Bachelor's in health services management and worked at Pass the Torch for Women Foundation as the Community Relations and Outreach Coordinator throughout her senior year and post-graduation. With her degree in hand and experience at Pass the Torch, Semina joined Precision Xtract as an Engagement Support Analyst, where she currently works with pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the market access space.

After learning about the HBA at an event in 2019, Semina connected with some current volunteers and was eager to get involved with the programming committee. When asked about what she loves most about the HBA, Semina said “the people - I love being surrounded by like-minded women who are in the healthcare industry.”

Semina shares with fellow members that one of the best pieces of advice she has ever received is “don't let your frustration, ruin your reputation - always take a moment for yourself before you act/respond.” And her personal guidance to fellow HBA members – “Don't sweat the small stuff. Show up and always do your part but you have to let the rest go.” Thank you, Semina. In a world of chaos every day, these reminders are helpful to keep us centered.