HBA Chicago-Northern Suburbs Announces Kim Wilber as June Volunteer of the Month | HBA

HBA Chicago-Northern Suburbs Announces Kim Wilber as June Volunteer of the Month

Kim Wilber June 2021 Volunteer of the Month

When asked to share her experience as an HBA volunteer, Kim told us: 
I was so pleasantly surprised to receive notification that I was selected as the HBA Chicago June 2021 Volunteer of the Month. I have been an active member of the HBA Chicago since 2007 and have been a volunteer on the marketing committee for most of those years. I have witnessed the HBA Chicago, and the marketing committee change and grow significantly.

One of the things I value about my HBA membership is the opportunity to meet people with a broad range of careers, skills, and perspectives that are outside my wheelhouse. The main reason I volunteer for the marketing committee is that I don’t have much experience with marketing and see it as a chance to gain a perspective on marketing strategies and techniques. I have truly enjoyed the different approaches, styles, and initiatives that each new director brings to the marketing committee. In the last few years, I’ve benefited from figuring out tweeting, posting to LinkedIn or Facebook, and using Mozeo for communicating with HBA Chicago members through testing. I’ve been able to share lessons learned and help HBA Columbus, HBA Indianapolis, and HBA St. Louis get set up for Mozeo communication. Also, I truly appreciate the great flexibility in HBA Chicago volunteer opportunities. As a Director in Abbott Molecular’s R&D group, I have a limited amount of time to participate in volunteer activities but whatever time I have it has always been enough.

Involvement in HBA Chicago makes it very easy to build your network with incredibly skilled and talented people. The organization is valuable no matter where you are in your career but I think it can be most valuable for people at the start of their careers. 

Lastly, the HBA speaker program is top on my list of values. There have been many outstanding programs over the years that were so inspirational. Not only were they inspirational but they really made me think differently and act differently both in my professional and personal life. I am looking forward to post-pandemic in-person events. Thank you very much for this recognition! I truly appreciate it.

 Kim Wilber